Updated Frenetic Wanderings Books Coming

The “Frenetic Funnies” website was old and decaying, being picked at by the buzzards of spammers, shunned by the shiny new commercial sites with too many ads and–gratefully–people posting their favorite cartoons from the site on Facebook and other social media outlets. It was desperately in need of an update. After going through my cartoon archives–the originals stacked in bins taking over my garage–I realized how many were lost and never collected into the last print edition I did of Frenetic Funnies. The series did run haphazardly for almost 10 years. And I saw how many little errors I found in the cartoons, ones I stared at multiple times, but didn’t see the spelling mistakes.

So the first thing I’m doing, after updating the site, is working on what is scheduled to be 4 reformatted editions of cartoons for Kindle. New cover art for each one done with a thick inking brush similar to what I clumsily started out with way back in 2000. I’m also resurrecting my original title for the series: Frenetic Wanderings. The title was shortened to “Frenetic Funnies” around 2002 because I thought it would be easier to remember or for people to refer to, etc.. A cartoon site I submitted to had an editor that approved of the change. It’s now 2017 and I like the full title better. I came up with “Frenetic Wanderings” in my teens when I wanted to draw a feature like the one panel cartoons I saw in the newspapers (what’s a newspaper, you ask? Sigh.). Consider it a throwback because I have no illusions that these cartoons are nostalgic for me until I get a new series done.

And yes, my plan is to draw a new batch–but again I have no illusions that one panel cartoons are a sort of dated as they have been overtaken by Memes…for the most part. But traditional gag cartoons still have their niche and I wonder if we will ever read a book of memes like we read cartoon collections? Probably not–memes usually rip off copyrighted images and the humor is too topical to last until the next news cycle.

My drawing and inking style has also changed and the new themes will be more timely. I’m going to revert back to using an inking brush, but update any gag lines to a font underneath the cartoon. It could all be an exercise in futility…who cares! I’ve never been able to escape the joy of drawing cartoons! 

So stayed tuned if you’re reading this and you wonder what happened to the old series or you’re interested in early web comics. I believe the first of my retro-editions of Frenetic Wanderings will appear on Kindle in October of this year. A new print edition of all the cartoons will have to wait until next year but it’s on the list too.