New Book! Secret Forest Of The Unicorn Freaks

Secret Forest of the Unicorn Freaks

Frenetic Wanderings: Secret Forest Of The Unicorn Freaks, a retro cartoons edition is now available on Kindle. This is volume 1 in a series of potentially 4-5 volumes of my earliest one panel cartoons.  It contains some of the oldest, and some of the funniest material (but I may be biased as my old drawings make me laugh at how “unrefined” they are). While I don’t personally think any of the cartoons are truly offensive I would rate some of the material PG13 for possibly being either inappropriate or politically incorrect (which I can never define as the meaning keeps changing and is subjective).

Collecting just the first series of cartoons was more work than I had anticipated. I didn’t realize how much material was lost on my back up DVDs or needed to be updated due to resolution issues. Many of the cartoons have been buried by time spent on the Internet (I’ll occasionally see them shared on social media, but often in a decayed low resolution format). We are talking about the early 2000s when it was a big deal to be able to send out a Gif file via ezine (those things you got in your email) and not have it crash someone’s computer. I know because I heard back when it happened. Yes, the age of dial-up transitioning into DSL and broadband. God, these are really old toons.

I can’t call them classic though, that’s to be determined by others. I will call them “retro.” The ebook comes with a new cover illustration (done old school with an inking brush which is how I did all my toons back in the day) and a reading format similar to the old Far Side cartoon books from the eighties to nineties–horizontal with 2 cartoons to a page. All of the cartoons will blow up to 150% by tapping on them in case you have a tiny, tiny phone. Otherwise, it’s easy reading.

I hope you enjoy the read. Please leave reviews to let other readers know what you think.

Frenetic Wanderings: Secret Forest Of The Unicorn Freaks. Get it here!